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Kamila HavlíkováI am a wayfaring painter.

My paintings are usually based on watercolours made on site during my walks and travels. When painting outdoors, the authentic experience of the site and time is essential. The sketch or watercolour should invoke the time spent by watching and walking, even searching through the wilderness. Sometimes I also make open air acryl paintings. I am limited only by the size of canvas I can carry myself.

The work in open air is specific because you are subject to changes of light and weather. However, the more traces of rain or frost the watercolours show, the more they mediate the authentic experience. Although I work in conditions that keep changing, it´s not the impression of a moment what I seek. Rather, I search for something stable despite all the changes: order and harmony.



Born on 19th January, 1971 in Ústí nad Labem
Lives in Roztoky near Prague, Czech Republic


Academy of Social Arts, Prague (2007–2012)
Philosophical Faculty, Charles University, Prague (1994–96)
Faculty of Natural Science, Charles University, Prague (1989–93)

Průhonice Botanical Garden, 2023
Knihkupectví & galerie, Kounicova 15, Brno, 2023
Kavárna Jericho, Praha, 2022
Galerie Sladovna, Žatec, 2021
Malá galerie vědeckého obrazu, MFF, Praha, 2020
Galerie Ve Věži, Mělník, 2019
Krajská knihovna, Pardubice, 2019
Galerie Starý zámek, Hořovice, 2018
Galerie Lurago, Chomutov, 2016
Kavárna VegTeg, Praha, 2016
Galerie Vyšehrad, Praha, 2014
Kavárna U Madony, Český Brod, 2012
Kavárna Kabinet, Praha, 2010
Galerie Paměť, Praha, 2007
Figurama, Praha, 2006
Figurama, Praha, 2005